Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Sooooo I did It! I straightened my hair! (just temporarily lol)

O.K. curlies so my last blog was about my trepedation as to wether to straighten my hair or not. I read your responses and then I decided to go ahead and do it.  Honestly, I wanted to see how my ends were and to do a trim on my hair due to the fact that I have been 14 months natural and have not visited a hairdresser since I Bc'd. I also want to be able to do everything myself to my hair so visiting a hair stylest to do a trim was a no no for me. 
 I want to say that I love the results, I like my curls 100% better but one of the benefits of being natural is to have versatility, and for me that means being able to switch it up and go straight if I want to.  There is no other way to learn than to take the plunge and do it so I did.  I took great precautions when straightening my hair, believe me I was careful. Here are the steps I took to protect my hair and achieve healthy results;

  1.  I applied henna to my hair. (I was scheduled for a henna treatment any ways)
  2. I applied a moisturizing conditioner to my hair, heavily. I applied the conditioner in sections as if I was giving myself a perm and then I slept with it in my hair, I also sat under my hair steamer for 15-20 minutes.
  3. The next morning I washed the conditioner out of my hair and I applied Maximus hair straightening gel and The end  gloss.
  4. I then proceeded to blow dry my hair using the tension method. I used my denman paddle brush and my ionic blowdryer with the concentration attachment. I kept the dryer 4-6 inches away from my hair and kept it moving ensuring that the heat was distributed evenly.  
  5.  After blow drying I parted my hair in 4 sections and proceeded to use my maxiglide to straighten my hair. I kept the temperature between 3-5, due to the fact that I have much curlier hair in the crown area of my head.
  6. I pin curled my hair by sections and then did a dry wrap.
  7. The next day I let out my pincurls applied my shea butter mix ensuring that my ends got the most and simply finger combed my hair.
 Soooo the results where bouncy, shiny, and hair that is full of body. You be the judge guys.  In my next post I will talk about how my hair reverted back to its curly state and if I see any difference in my hair. 

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