Tuesday, March 1, 2011

ts your money….but really

O.K. guys lately I have seen you tube bombarded with natural sisters who are expressing their hurt and feelings of betrayal by a certain natural hair company that has increased their prices at a rapid speed. I have listened to the rants, the cries of betrayal, and the yells of let us all unite and boycott this company. While I truly believe that buying power is the strongest power yielded by consumers I ask myself if our energy could not be better spent on positive and uplifting things.

Now don’t get me wrong. If it wasn’t for some of these same you tubers I would have never heard of the product which I love and my hair loves as well, soooooo I can understand how one can feel disappointed that one has promoted a product not only because of its great quality but also its affordability and then they go and double their prices without even a second thought. I could understand how the consumer can feel like the company has basically bamboozled them into liking the product and then when they have them on the hook like a fish reel them in with high prices. In an industry where many of us can become product junkies and leave a big chunk of our salaries on the shelves great pricing for a product that does what it promises can be the bridge to prosperity for many a small company. My question is, is the price hike a bi-product of the present state of the economy or just greed? Well, I will never know the truth to that answer but I do know the following;

1 You as a consumer have the power to choose where and how you spend your money.

2 Most of these natural products can be made at home by just purchasing the ingredients and working on   your own formula…it might take some time but it can be done.

3 Business is business and most people are in a business to gain profits or make money

4 If you were not asked personally to promote a product and paid for doing so then why do it? Why get offended because the company has changed prices?

5 If a company changes its prices to rapidly and you feel it’s unfair just don’t buy it anymore hit them where it hurts choose to spend your money elsewhere.

Now personally I have mentioned these products in my videos and given reviews simply because I use them and I love them. I can say that I will continue to purchase them due to the fact that my experience with the product itself is favorable and I personally don’t have the time to make anything at home nor am I a chemist so I rather not. Throughout my lifetime both natural and permed I have spent many a dollar purchasing products that never did what they promised; products that if I look in my bathroom shelves are just there collecting dust because I am too lazy to throw away for lack of a better word. I see my hair as an investment now, and if I have found something that works and even with the price increase I find reasonably priced I will commit to stick with it. It is a personal choice that I implore, no I challenge all of us to make. Use your purchasing power people its o.k. to leave it but it is also o.k. to still believe in the product and purchase it.
Now this is just my humble opinion as a humble consumer. What is yours… gentle….

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