Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Shea Moisture Curling Souffle


Like many of you I too was uber excited to hear that Shea Moisture was coming out with a curl enhancing gel or should I say a gel that would freeze my curls as they appear when soaking wet. As such, I couldn't wait to hit a target store to purchase the souffle once I hit the City of NY on my brief vacation.  I was so pleased to have gotten my hands on a jar and couldn't wait to use the product once I made it back home to the island.  As always my first instinct was to search and research what others said about the Curling Souffle, as I did so I was so disheartened to come up on one after the other less than stellar review of the product.  As I watched more and more reviews my heart sank a little lower with each comment that the souffle was to tacky, sticky, that it would not dry, that it left the hair untouchable due to the gewy feeling sooo what did I do?

Yes guys I stopped looking at those reviews and went straight to the source!  I went on Shea Moisture's fan page on FB  Fan Page to see what did they have to say about their latest product and the proper way to use it.  Now what I saw in their postings defied every concept I had in my mind as to how to use a gel in my hair! Per Shea Moisture's instructions the Curl Enhancing Souffle is to be applied:
  1. To soaking wet clean hair. Check mark this is a regular process for me when doing a WnG.
  2. To "Virgin Hair" in other words nothing should be in your hair no leave in and no other styler. Now this was where my confusion started and where my brain cells shut down on me.  I do not put gels or stylers or anything in my hair with out a leave-in.  My sense of reasoning could not grasp this step and everything in my mind was screaming "NOOOOOOO DON'T DO IT, IF YOU DO YOU WILL BE SORRY" LOL
  3. Only use a dime size amount on each section.  Hahahahah this I laughed at, "a dime size"! These people must be mad! I thought to myself, do they not know I live in the Caribbean where humidity is boss and the salt air is prone to cause frizz in places you didn't even know you had hair?
Any who I made up my mind to do as I was instructed and to give it a try . Welllllllllll, what can I say the results were Marvelous. Take a look for yourselves Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie Review
It is my opinion that once again Shea Moisture has hit the ball out of the park with this one!  I had big hair the first day which is rare for me when I use gels and my hair remained soft and moisturized.  I wore my WnG for the entire week and probable by the 4th day it could have benefited from a little refreshing but my hair was still soft and moisturized so I took the lazy road and just pulled it up in a puff.  Thus far I have not been disappointed with any of their products I have tried. 

  1. A little goes a long way! This coming from a person that is heavy handed with product so in order for me to abide by the instructions all I did was dip my pointer finger in the jar and use what product coated my finger on each section.  My jar is still full
  2. Extremely moisturizing.
  3. Gives a "natural" hold and look to curls.
  4. Gave my tresses second day looking hair the first day! I love big hair so having volume and curls the first day is a plus in my book.
  5. Affordable, at 9.99 per jar.
  1. At this time the only con that I can come up with is that it is not available here on island curlies.
Of course Ms. Naturalist @ Essentric Shoe Boutique still has a few jars available at her store however, it still remains to be seen if the Shea Moisture line will become one of the many natural hair care lines she will carry on a regular.  Lets hope that she can seal that deal and make it easy for us to get the products.  I will continue to experiment with this product I have a feeling it will give my daughter who has type 4 hair a gorgeous twist out!  Thanks for reading my post curlies and remember to "Twirl A Curl Today" Blessings....

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