Saturday, October 13, 2012


Hi there guys, today I will share with you my experience into mixing my very own deep conditioner! I decided to try a homemade protein treatment. Here is the list of ingredients for my mix; 
  1. A banana
  2. Plain greek yogurt
  3. Honey
  4. Coconut oil
  5. Grapeseed oil
  6. Alovera plant
  7. Coconut milk or water
  8. Lavender essential oil just because I like the smell of lavender and I want to mask the smell of yogurt. 
The following are the benefits of the main ingredients in my mixture. They all sound great right? Well, as we say if its good for your body it is great for your hair as well. :)

Yogurt  contains lactic acid which will smooth and hydrate your strands.  Yougurt is a great base for  your conditioner, and is also a gentle cleanser. Yogurt promotes hair growth, and makes it easy to comb hair and get rid of knots.

Bananas can help prevent and heal any  damages that are caused to the hair by exposure to the dirt, pollution and other environmental toxins. It helps in protecting the hair from further damage. The vitamin B helps in the prevention of split ends. The type of hair that is suitable for this treatment are dry hair, dyed hair and for hair after perm. It also serves as an excellent treatment for addressing the problem of dandruff and is helpful in retaining moisture on your scalp. is rich in potassium, natural oils, carbohydrates and vitamins that helps in softening the hair and protects the hair's natural elasticity preventing split ends and breakage. Bananas when used for hair has a number of benefits such as it creates manageability, shine, growth and controls dandruff. rules for dry, itchy, flaky hair.   It keeps hair hydrated and healthy.   With regular use, a banana hair mask can increase the moisture content of your hair, smooth frizz, and soothe your itchy scalp.

Honey contains vitamins, minerals, is antibacterial, acts as a humectant (attracts moisture), and has incredible healing properties. Due to the many characteristics of honey, hair is actually nourished and enriched.   It is food for hair and adds shine.

Aloe vera acts as a natural conditioning agent that restores the hair’s sheen, luster, and shine. It not only makes the hair soft, but it also enhances strength and suppleness. It naturally combats frizz but does not have the greasy buildup that many hair care products leave behind.Aloe vera can be used as a safe and natural treatment to prevent hair loss. 

                         Here is the video showing you how I made the mixture 

Now the application process was hmmm interesting. I think I needed to 
not add the water in order to make the conditioner thicker. OMG the moment I applied this to my hair it began to rebel! I could feel my cuticles lifting and my first thought was WTH am I doing? My hair matted up like nobody's business well here is a picture of a section
Now, it took everything within my soul not to STOP immediately, jump in the shower and wash this mess out of my hair! However, thought about it and knew that all the ingredients in my mixture were considered good for the hair so why would I be scared.  As I carefully worked the conditioner through the sections smoothing it in I could literally feel when my cuticles relaxed and started to lay back down. At this point my hair started to feel slippery and I was able to finger detangle with ease! Here are some photos of my hair once I worked the concoction into the sections.

As you can see the concoction had my curls popping! The mixture was uber easy to rinse out and I immediately felt the benefits of an intense protein treatment, My HAIR FELT STRONG.  All in all I enjoyed using and making this conditioner, I am also convinced that my hair is protein sensitive. However, I know that ever so often I MUST do a protein treatment. I think I will be using this mixture as my "shot of protein" every 2-3 months.  Have any of you tried this mask? If so please do share your experiences.  As always thanks for reading and remember to TWIRL A CURL today...