Friday, March 18, 2011

To Oil or not To Oil

O.K. Curlies

Due to the fact that I have been experiencing some itching in my scalp lately, which I have contributed to the growth of my hair, I wanted to write a few words about it. Well, you guys should know that I believe "SHARING IS CARING".

Due to this development, I have been on the look out for advice as to whether it is good for me to oil my scalp or not. I have never been a fan of grease, due to the fact that I find grease to be heavy, weigh down my hair too much, and lets be realistic I live in the tropics so if you have a greased down head that sun is sure to fry your scalp and your hair. I ran into an article where a dermatologist stated that we should treat our scalp as we do our skin.....DUH!

WHY, is it that we can all be as smart as we want to be and miss out on the most elementary things?

Anywho he suggested that if we experience itching or flaking of the scalp it is because like our skin, it is dirty, and that we need to wash our hair more often, maybe every 3 days.....hmmmm I don't know about that one guys because as much as I love to mess with my hair I like to keep my styles in for at least a week. However, a light bulb went off in my head! When my hair was shorter my go to style was a wash and go. I use to co-wash my hair every morning put in some moisturizing product, and went through the door, but since my hair has gained some length I try to wear it in protective styles that will last all week so two strand twists, buns, and braids are my style choices of late. Thus, even though my hair gets moisturized daily the products are going on my hair not my scalp....

(See where I am going with this?)

It just dawned on me that I have been ignoring my poor scalp and it must be feeling a little dejected! It was so use to getting watered and conditioned everyday and all of a sudden I turned on it and only cared for it the one day of the week (wash day). So this brings me back to my original question, to oil or not to oil my scalp. I have read countless articles on the subject most either pro or con the process of oiling our scalps however, I most recently ran up on an article on that was not bias and really just left the decision up to me.

Here is what I gathered from the article. Hair oils can moisturize our scalp and help in stimulating our pores thus allowing us to produce more healthy, natural oils. However we must remember the "what’s good for me may not always be good for you" rule. We must also keep in mind the following cons;

1. Oil gathers the pollutants and dust in the air.

2. Over-oiling can leave us looking greasy.

3. Heavy oils can weigh the hair down depending on how thick or fine your hair texture is.

Now some pros;

1. Massaging oil into our hair creates stimulation and thus improves blood circulation as well as is


2. Oil gives extra shine.

3. Oiling the scalp can counteract dandruff and dry scalp

4. Oil can act as a conditioning agent for our hair and prevent it from being dry or brittle.

Now as I am newly natural (14months) I believe that all my research has shown me that oil is not really a moisturizer but it locks in moisture. Therefore in order for the oil to be moisturizing we must ensure that our hair has already been moisturized with a moisturizing product or better yet water.

O.K. guys I have made up my mind. Have you? Let me know your thoughts on this and if you wan to know what oils are good for what then here is the link to the article.

Please let me know your thoughts on this subject.

Thanks for reading curlies!


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  1. (FyneLibra) This blog gave me some insight, a "aha" moment even. I can't and don't use anything, at least any more on my scalp simply because if I grease it now, couple hours or the next day, my hair is dry and FILLED with dandruff. I mean literally filled. I just wash and condition with KeraCare for dry itchy scalp and if I choose to blow dry, use pink oil moisturizer. If not, I used pink oil then plait my hair in 4-8 braids.

    Perhaps as you found, I maybe need to start washing my hair every three days and see if that works for me. I don't use any oil because they break out my skin and yes they make the hair heavy and dirty more quickly. What also may be a contributing factor is that I sweat in my hair as well.

    When my hair was shorter I was happy with being all care free and at times couldn't wait for it to get longer. Now that it's long, I have absolutely no idea what I can or should do with it. It's still a learning process for me.