Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A funny story....The Rainy Day!

O.K. so I am going to share a funny and embarrassing story with all of you. It has been raining nonstop on this island for two days straight. I mean this is hurricane rains without the darn wind. So any who on Monday the rain started and we were hungry in my office. Like when you feel boxed in you get the munchies, sooooo my staff decided that since I was the boss and drive a 4wheel drive I should do the food run to pizza hut for the goodies. My staff had plenty of reasons for sending me out such as;

1 You have a designated spot to park so your parking spot will be there when you return

2 You don’t have a perm so if you get wet your hair will still look good

3 If we leave this office in this rain there is no way we are coming back!

Being the good boss that I am  I acquiesced and braved the rain. Well everything was going well I was jamming to one of the local radio stations put my jeep in 4wheel drive and headed to pizza hut. Sounds normal thus far huh. Well, well, well, upon arriving to the restaurant I took of my 4 inch heels and slipped on some flip flops in order to walk through the river of water that was running on the street leading to the restaurant. I picked up the food and thought oh oh I don’t have enough hands to carry this food, and an umbrella but two nice young men came to my rescue and opened the door for me while I opened the umbrella and proceeded through the door with the loot. I took one step an down, down, down, I went…the steps were so slippery that I lost my footing and properly bounced down 4 stairs on my butt…bounce, bounce, bounce, I went. Pizza, wings, lasagna, pasta all over the place let’s not talk about the umbrella. It was just me dumbfounded on my rear sitting in the pouring rain in a 3piece suit and tie to in shock to even get up quickly.

When I finally got my whit’s about myself and got up, gathered my ego, my messed up food, and umbrella I made it back into the restaurant to reorder the food. As I was explaining to the manager my mishap and why I was dripping wet, and not to worry I wasn’t going to sue, all he could do was stifle a laugh and apologize. In between his apologies and offers for free drinks and dessert he looked me in the eye and said well thank god your suit is blue because I can’t tell its wet and your hair looks beautiful. At that point what could I do but laugh along with the manager, and thank God I had the great idea to go natural…..the end, se acabo, finito!

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