Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Contest Time!


I am extremely excited to announce that I, Islandgurl3601 have reached 100+ subscribers on youtube! Amaaaazing, I never thought that I would have people interested in my videos much less over 100 subbies. Soooo in appreciation to all my old subbies as well as in anticipation of my new subbies my daughter Eshae’ and I only thought it fitting that we start a contest. This is the link to the contest video . Yes I am hosting a spring inspired makeup contest. Any one can enter but you must follow the rules.


1. Must be a subscriber
2. Must be 18 or older
3. Must be a video or slideshow but no longer than 7 minutes no shorter than 3 please
4. Can only submit one entry
5. Video/Slideshow should be titled “islandgurls 100 subscribers Spring Contest
6. New videos or slideshows please.
7. Must tell me what inspires you about t Spring
8. There is a comment portion please follow all rules as stated above.

I will not be having 1st, 2nd and so on prizes no, no, no! What I have done is packaged my prizes as package 1,2,3, & 4 so when I pick the winners the first person to email me can decide which package they would like and so on. I think all packages are Great. You can see the prizes video at this link

Please join me in welcoming the spring season and show me what inspires you about the season.

Until next time Dolls!

Give Away!

Good Day Dolls!

Just wanted to give all of you a heads up on a wonderful giveaway being hosted by Lexxiwithcurls and sponsored by Misikko. They are being so gracious that they are giving away a ceramic flat iron to one lucky winner. As a newly natural who is filled with the excitement of the many possibilities that I can achieve with my natural coils, I am hoping to explore the many possibilities that my hair has to offer me.

I must confess that as of yet I have not tried to flat iron my hair simply because I am enjoying getting to know my hair texture better. However, I for one would love to win this award winning flat iron and see what "trouble" I can get into with it if I win.

Sharing is caring so I am here to share the opportunity of winning this hair tool with all of you. Here are the rules;

1. You must be a subscriber of LexiWithTheCurls YT channel.

2. Follow Misikko on Twitter

3. Join Misikko Newsletter at

4. Blog about the giveaway on a personal website. (For more chances to win)

After you have done this, please put a comment on the entry located at stating your YouTube name and Twitter name and what city/state you are from

The winner will be picked by Lexiwithcurls after midnight Friday, the lucky winner will be picked using based on the number of comments.

If you want to see a great review of the Missiko flat iron you can find here is the link

I will be sure to do a tutorial and review on the iron if I win :)


Tuesday, March 30, 2010


O.K. I am biting the bullet for sure on this one. I am left handed and as they say left handed people are usually creative. I write all the time in journals and lately I wrote this poem. I really like it so I will share it with you. Now keep in mind that I am not a writer actually I have an MBA LOL. I want this blog to be honest and give a true representation of how eclectic I really am so here is my poem hope you guys enjoy it.


Can I be your one and only
Can I hold you, and take away your fears, and your anxiety about the future
Can I touch you and for one moment make you feel like the most beautiful, exquisite, and gorgeous creature in the world
Can I caress your body and take away the pain and tension that everyday brings
Can I taste you and make your body shiver and hear you say "don't stop, right there"
Can I love you physically and share with you all the passion I have in my heart for you
Can I make you remember
Can I make you forget
Can I stop the world for one moment and make you feel that its you and I always together against the world
Can I make you believe that you are everything and more
Can I love you, make love to you, share myself with you and show you that we are perfect for each other
Can I, Can I, Can I worship your body and show you that in my eyes you are just perfect
Can I, if you let me, only if you want me
Can I love you?

Please give credit to the author if you choose to use it.

Natural Hair Journey The Beginning

Hi Dolls!

Islandgurl3601 coming here to let you know what I have learned about my hair since my BC on December 19, 2009. Just gonna let you know a little more about me. I will answer some questions that have been posted to me by friends.
When did you make the decision to go natural?
I made this decision in some time in the summer of 2009.
Why did you go natural?
Well my 11 year old who is in 6th grade started to talk about wanting a perm for graduation, sort of as a right to passage into Jr. High. I thought about it and told her no to which her response was but you and Elisa(her older sister) have a perm. Ideally as parents we want to teach our children by example, this is not always the case but I try my best to do so. I felt like the kid was calling me out and not wanting to be a hypocrite I made a pact with her that I would go natural and then we both could embrace our God given uniqueness. At first I thought I would not BC, I had past shoulder length hair and just could not recall what my natural hair would be like short. However, as I transitioned and watched YouTube videos about the subject I got more comfortable with the idea of a BC and wondered what my hair would really be like. The deciding factor was when I took my hair out of a protective style braids with extensions. I was unaware that I needed to clear my hair before I washed it and when I washed it the knots that were in my hair were as tight as a boat knot used for boating! Now once it took me hours to get my hair presentable (needless to say I lost lots of hair in the process) I decided enough was enough! Why was I holding on to the straight hair? So I decided to let go and start fresh.
Do you regret going natural?
No No No....I love my natural hair! I am learning as I go along but overall the process is so liberating. I am enjoying reading and learning how to take care of my hair and I love the fact that I can go to the beach as often as I want and as late as I want without having to go home and deal with washing, blowing and styling my hair.
What has been your best experience since going natural?
Ohhhhhh its simple day as I walked downtown St. Thomas it started to rain. At first I started to run but then realized..Ha I no longer have a perm so who cares if my hair gets wet. Needless to say I was soaking wet but kept on walking and I enjoyed feeling the rain on me.
What changes if any have come with your natural hair?
Mainly I am still the same of course. The one thing that has changed is that I read all the labels of products that I put in my hair. I am more knowledgeable about what is good or not for my hair and thus far it takes me little to no time to get ready to leave my house.
Any Advice?
Like I said I am still learning but mostly if one is going natural or is newly natural one must remember that water is your hairs best friend. Our hair craves moisture so a good moisturizer is also important. Cone, mineral oil and sulfate products are not the best for our hair. It is also important to own a wide tooth comb for de-tangling and a Denman brush these items have worked well for me. We must also be gentle with our hair.
Now this is just my first blog I hope to post some reviews and please feel free to ask me questions I will answer every one.
My motto lately "Dare to be different, be yourself, there is only one you, and you are uniquely special".
Until next time Dolls!