Friday, March 18, 2011


Hello Curlies!
Since I wrote a blog about my adventure in straightening my hair I decided that it was only fitting to write one about my return to my curly state. Let me state that saying I was nervous as I prepared to hit the shower today, and wash my hair back into its natural existance is an understatement. My heart was racing, my thoughts were jumbled, and I said a prayer before I hit that water...LOL.

As the hot water hit my head and I felt the heaviness of the water push my hair on my back, the first thought that came to my mind was "why isn't my hair shrinking?"  I kept massaging my hair and waiting for the customary feel of density that I have grown so accustom to in the 14 months I have been natural. After a few minutes (which seemed like 4ever) out of the corner of my eyes I saw some curls slowly springing back to life. As I continued to squoosh my hair together all my curlies seemed to just pop to life! WHAT A RELIEF...:)

I kept my hair straitened for 6 days, and I never applied any extra heat to them.  The first day I did a dry wrap but I didn't like the results, my hair seemed to flat to me and lifeless. I guess after becoming so used to a head full of curls the flatness disturbed me. So, the second night I did some large pincurls in my hair after adding my shea butter mixture and the next day wala, beautiful, shiny, bouncy, hair is what I came out with. So for the remainder of the week I continued putting the pincurls in my hair before bed and sleeping in my satin bonnet.

I found that wearing my hair straight was more work than I really cared to be involved in. The pincurling, the making sure I didn't wet my edges, looking at the weather forecast to see if it would rain..Lawd it seemed like I spent the entire week on edge trying to protect my straight stressess.  I found that my scalp felt tender, probably because I was messing with my hair every night and morning something that I rarely do when my hair is curly, and, on or about the 3rd day my scalp began to itch, something that never happens when I have my curls.

Over all, the experience was pleasant.  Would I do it again? Yes, maybe once a year or every 6 months or so just to clip the ends and see how healthy my hair is growing.  I much rather prefer my curls though.  Now this experience has solidified my decision to go natural for only in my natural state could I experience all this versatility and choices over how to wear or change up my hair.  So there you have it curlies I SURVIVED MY STRAIGHTENING EXPERIENCE AND NOW ITS BACK TO NORMAL FOR ME....Hello wash n go, two strand twists, puffs, twist outs, box braids, braid outs, mini twists, and cinabbun!

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