Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Hi there curlies!

Have you heard about Shea Moisture? Well, I am here to tell you that Shea Moisture is a great product and it is extremely affordable. The products have worked great for me and my daughter the curl enhancing smoothie gives my daughter the best ever twist outs.  Her twist outs are extremely defined and moisturized, her type 4 hair stays so soft with this product.  I use the moisture milk as a leave in and the curl enhancing smoothie as my styler. The above mentioned combination leaves my hair shiny, soft, and bouncy curls.  I use this combination when I want to achieve the look that I have just stepped out the shower and done absolutely nothing to my hair.
Sooo this entire week you can get Shea Moisture hair products at Walgreen at buy one get one half price! I don't plan to miss out on this sale and actually I have already placed my order. I was so excited I swear I purchased two of each hair product that Walgreens carries.  Now if you are reading this post for the Virgin Islands you are well aware that we do not have a Walgreens on island however, you can purchase the products at and yes they ship to the VI.  I purchased at least 10 products and the shipping was around 19 dollars which I don't find to be unreasonable at all.  Guess what else curlies if you enter the code SHEA4FALL at checkout you will receive an additional  20% off your entire order.  Blessing, Blessing, Blessing!  YESSAH! Now don't delay because the sale is only from August 28, 2011 to September 3, 2011 so put in your orders quickly don't hesitate. If you have been wanting to try these products I advise you to take advantage of the sale and remember that each product only costs $9.99 a jar so with the bogo you get 2 jars for $14.98.  Till next time curlies!

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