Friday, July 6, 2012


When I first went natural I had so many things to deal with such as:

  1. What am I going to do with an afro?
  2. Will I still be attractive?
  3. Will my friends treat me and see me differently?
  4. How will I make my hair presentable for the workplace?
However, my biggest concern was WHAT DO I PUT IN MY HAIR?  Yes, I was overwhelmed by all the information that was out there and the surmountable amount of products that claimed to be the "must have" product to give me curls or make my kinks soft and manageable and lets not forget keep my hair shiny. So, off I went creating a budget within my budget designed specifically to purchase products that would help me manage my hair.  Needless to say that this was an expensive budget and that as a single mother of 3 it was quite difficult for me to allocate $10, $15, $20 dollars out of my already stretched budget just to buy a deep conditioner or styling cream that without having any clue if it would work on my hair much less on both me and my daughters hair.  Especially since, when I was permed I  practically purchased nothing for my hair due to the fact that I never did anything to my hair more than pulling it into a ponytail, for washes, conditioning, styling I went to my hair dresser.

Now, fast forward two years and the invention and innovation of CURLKIT! CurlKit is a monthly subscription service that supplies you with 5-7 samples of products geared towards natural hair. Yes, it is samples of products that are specifically designed to deal with our kinks, curls, and coils.  Here is what "team  CurlKit" has to say about their service;

  • CurlKit sends out a selection of 5-7 samples that their team of online experts, researches and even tries themselves. In each CurlKit you'll receive everything from pomades and conditioners to natural hair tools, from well-known brands as well as emerging gems.

    CurlKit subscriptions are sold on a first come, first served basis. Join now while supplies last. Subscriptions are released regularly.

    CurlKit subscriptions are available with a 100% no questions asked guarantee and you can cancel at anytime!

    CurlKit is a complete solution for women with natural hair.

    CurlKit’s mission is to help newly naturals and lifelong naturals sort through the clutter, to find new brands and rediscover old favorites
  • Of course, even though I have been natural for two years and 6 months there was no way I was going to pass up getting in on this deal.  Thus, four months ago I joined CurlKit  and I have not regretted it one bit. Here are several pictures:

    • My Very First Curlkit

    My CurlKit for the month of June

    I spy you spy we all spy 3 full size products in the Junes Curlkit. Yes, this would be what I call "A BONUS"! 

                                                   Now, why would you call it a bonus islandgurl ? 

    Because the service that I signed up for and pay only $20.00 per month for (well plus shipping lol), is one of samples not full size products. The whole idea behind me signing up for this service was to be able to try new products or products that I have on my list to purchase before making them dust catchers on my shelves or wasting my money on a product(s) that just do not work for me or my girls hair.  CurlKit has been so kind as to include full size product(s) in the boxes occasionally and that has made me and my girls jump for JOY.  I mean every time I get a shipped notification , I start to feel giddy and excited just like a kid on Christmas, stalking the post office with anticipation that my kit has arrived and wanting to see what I got this month.

    Now,  CurlKit has not limited their service to just the monthly subscription they have also incorporated a blog,  a Store where you can purchase some of the full size products they have sent you samples of and a FB FanPage where you can follow them and enter their variety of contests to win full size products, oh and lets not forget that you can also follow them on twitter and join them on Tuesday's for their weekly "curltalk" which has proven to be a great source of pure fun for me and my family.  

    All in all I waited 4 months to write this post because I wanted to make sure that I could honestly speak about the service as well as, give CurlKit an opportunity to establish itself and iron out any kinks they might have experienced with such a new service.  I must say that it took me long enough because from the onset I have been pleased with my subscription and the customer service that the curlkit team has provided me and my fellow naturals here in the United States Virgin Islands. 

     I know that they are working on opening their service to international markets so my fellow naturals in islands like St. Kitts, Tortola and Jamaica can also take advantage of their service at an affordable price so be a little patient "island naturals".  I must also say that this awareness that curlkit has shown to our needs here in the islands may be a partly because I swear I can be a "buggaboo" oh as we say here on island "a pest" and I constantly send them emails about making the shipping affordable for naturals on other Caribbean Islands (well you didn't think I was going to give them all the credit did you haaaaa). You guys know me I am always fighting for us to be recognized and treated equally lol lol

    Now here are the links to my un-boxing videos of my curlkits....If you only want to watch one I suggest you click on June's because I think the intro to it was funny and Eshae' and I had a great time filming this one.....I am presently anxiously waiting for July's Kit. I

    If you are interested in purchasing the Kit just click here, remember the service is $20.00 + shipping and you can cancel your subscription anytime.

    Thanks for stopping by and reading my post so until next time remember to "Twirl A Curl" today and everyday.  
    islandgurl3601 singing off  "ride out soljah".....(in my island twang)

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