Tuesday, March 30, 2010


O.K. I am biting the bullet for sure on this one. I am left handed and as they say left handed people are usually creative. I write all the time in journals and lately I wrote this poem. I really like it so I will share it with you. Now keep in mind that I am not a writer actually I have an MBA LOL. I want this blog to be honest and give a true representation of how eclectic I really am so here is my poem hope you guys enjoy it.


Can I be your one and only
Can I hold you, and take away your fears, and your anxiety about the future
Can I touch you and for one moment make you feel like the most beautiful, exquisite, and gorgeous creature in the world
Can I caress your body and take away the pain and tension that everyday brings
Can I taste you and make your body shiver and hear you say "don't stop, right there"
Can I love you physically and share with you all the passion I have in my heart for you
Can I make you remember
Can I make you forget
Can I stop the world for one moment and make you feel that its you and I always together against the world
Can I make you believe that you are everything and more
Can I love you, make love to you, share myself with you and show you that we are perfect for each other
Can I, Can I, Can I worship your body and show you that in my eyes you are just perfect
Can I, if you let me, only if you want me
Can I love you?

Please give credit to the author if you choose to use it.

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